How To Increase Online Presence For Your Business?

How to increase visibility of your business online?

Use almost all social media platforms to promote your business online because online marketing has many benefits compared to traditional marketing. However it is not so easy to jump into online marketing.

How much investment do I need to put to promote my business?

Basically, it depends on the market size, your target audience, region etc., But do you know that you can also promote it for free? Yes, you can invest either your time or money.

Investing your money at right place might help you get better results compared to the free promotion method.

Free promotion using social media channels:

I can suggest you few basic things to increase your website/business visibility.

Twitter – Twitter is a wonderful tool to start promoting your website or business. Go start posting tweets related to your business but from other websites. I repeat tweet from other websites which are related to your niche. But don’t forget to share your own website links too.

LinkedIn – Post some updates in your niche in LinkedIn groups. Have discussions with other people. Follow experts on LinkedIn. You will never know the power of discussions, it help you grow your network. By posting updates in LinkedIn groups, you might become an influencer among the other members. You must leave a link to your website in your posts there without making it spammy.

Facebook – We all are pretty good enough to understand facebook much better than any other social media platform. Use Facebook to promote your business. Other than your company/website updates, you can also create groups and events to promote your company.

Google plus – This is the least used social media platform than Facebook, yet a powerful tool to promote your business. Share other website links in your niche as well as your own company updates. I said Google plus is a powerful tool, because the links you share on this platform will be easily crawled by Google for search results enhancing your website’s SEO.

Lastly you are left with Instagram. Start using Instagram to promote your business by using trending hashtags in your niche, as it will help you increase the visibility.

These are the free methods to generate visitors to your website. Comment if you have something in your mind regarding this post.



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